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Unique Books need Custom Printing and Shipping.

Tasora Books is a division of Stanton Publication Services. With 30+ years of experience and over nine million books printed, Tasora Books is built on years of printing and publishing experience. We provide custom printing options including full-color interiors, French flaps, printed end-sheets, color inserts, embossing, and much more. Our warehouse specializes in storage and shipping, making us fully equipped to manage your project from print to delivery.

Mark Traynor
Mark TraynorPresident, Tasora Books
Mark Traynor is the President of Tasora Books. He loves a good book, plays fun video games, and likes shooting hoops with friends. Mark has over 7 years of book publishing experience and served as the president of Hillcrest Media Group before starting Tasora Books.


As a complete book printing and distribution solution, Tasora Books enables authors to focus on their unique vision by providing end-to-end printing, distribution, and fulfillment services. We strive to provide craft-quality books, customization options and excellent customer service.

Why We’re Different

Tasora Books provides the necessary blend of custom book printing, distribution, and customer service to focus solely on the unique needs of book publishing projects. We know exactly what you need when you need it—that’s why our packages are built around different phases in the publishing journey. Our end-to-end solutions help book creators focus on successfully completing their book project.