Facebook is Launching a Crowdfunding Platform

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Facebook announced on March 30 its plans to launch a crowdfunding platform within the social giant’s platform. The announcement on their blog said they will open up personal fundraisers for the following subjects: Education: such as tuition, books or classroom supplies Medical: such as medical procedures, treatments or injuries Pet Medical: such as veterinary procedures, treatments or injuries Crisis Relief: such as public crises or natural disasters Personal Emergency: such as a house fire, theft or car accident General and Loss: such as burial expenses or living costs after losing a loved one According to the company blog post, Facebook said they have no [...]

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Post-Crowdfund Campaign Checklist for Authors

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So you’ve reached your crowdfunding goal for your book (or, knock on wood, even a stretch goal). Congrats!! The big question is, now what? Here are some pointers on what comes next once you’ve completed your crowdfunding campaign for your book: Collect your funds! Every crowdfunding platform has different policies when it comes to distributing the funding that was raised through the campaign, so make sure that you understand when and how your funds will be disbursed to you post-campaign. It’s critical for you to stay on top of obtaining contact information for each of your backers at the time of contribution during the campaign [...]

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Kickstarter Insight From Freelance Writer John Weirick

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John Weirick is a writer on relationships, faith, culture, and personal growth. He's the author of The Variable Life: Finding Clarity and Confidence in a World of Choices, a collection of stories about growing through change, conflict, and relationships. An introvert transplant from Minnesota and Oregon, he now lives in Greenville, South Carolina, where he's still learning euphemisms like "that dog don't hunt" and "bless your heart". John's writings are featured on The Huffington Post, RELEVANT Magazine, and dozens of websites with millions of visitors. Follow his writings on and say hello on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Learn more about the book, find free [...]

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Crazy PR Stunts to Get Your Campaign Noticed

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Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Especially when you’re running a fundraising campaign, you need all the attention you can get to encourage people to back your project. It seems simple, but how exactly do you get all that coveted attention for your project? Sure, posting on social media is a good strategy. But there are 500 million tweets sent out per day. You’ve got to cut through the noise to make yourself stand out. Here, I examine the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as an excellent guide to drumming up attention for your fundraising campaign. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge The ALS Ice [...]

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Advice From Successful Indiegogo Author Paul Cavanagh

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Paul Cavanagh is a Canadian novelist based in London, Ontario. His debut novel, After Helen, won the Lit Idol competition at the London Book Fair in the UK, and was published to rave reviews in the United States, Canada, and the British Isles. When it came time to release his second novel, Missing Steps, he ran a successful crowdfunding campaign that helped him cover his costs and engage his readers. You can visit him online at 1. Why did you choose Indiegogo as your crowdfunding platform for the book? I wanted a platform that was easy for me and my potential contributors to use [...]

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The Way You’re Thinking About Publishing is All Wrong

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Typically when you publish a book—traditionally or independently—you go through the following (very simplified) process: Write your book Print your book Market your book Sell your book However, with a crowdfunding campaign, the process is flipped upside down: Partially (or completely) write your book Market and sell your book Finish your book Print your book Ship your book Whereas you would traditionally market your book after having finished all the important work on it, crowdfunding requires you to market and sell your book first, even before your project is completely finished. It’s important to make the mental switch from the traditional book publishing model to [...]

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The Single Most Neglected Ingredient in a Kickstarter Campaign

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You have to reach out to your people. Your people are the ones who make or break crowdfunding campaigns. Think about it: If you were to donate to anyone’s crowdfunding campaign, would you be more likely to give $25 to a total stranger, or your beloved cousin? Maybe you’re incredibly generous and would donate to both—but chances are you’re going for the family connection. "For most projects, support will come from the people you know," Kickstarter says. Having worked in self-publishing, I can tell you that the majority of success of smaller book projects comes from inviting your people to donate to your project [...]

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Q&A with Crowdfunded Author Tyler Page

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Tyler Page is an author in Minneapolis, Minnesota who recently ran two successful crowdfunding campaigns for his webcomic on Kickstarter. You can contact him via his website:, twitter:, facebook: 1. What inspired you to run a crowdfunding campaign for your book? I ran a campaign for another project last year and it went really well. When it came time to print and publish the next collection of my webcomic running a campaign was the obvious choice. I was mainly interested in raising enough money to print books for my small audience, and have some left over for online and convention sales. Doing [...]

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I need to ship 10,000 Books!

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It's every Kickstarter author's dream: Run a successful crowdfunding campaign and finally publish their dream book. But each successful campaign comes down to well-executed planning and lots of research. One of the biggest hurdles for crowdfunded authors is figuring out "how much does it cost to ship a book"? But the next natural question is how do I ship out "thousands of books" to individual backers? The simple fact is this: Most traditional book printers are accustomed to sending out large shipments of books to stores like Barnes and Noble or Target. Many of them don't have a system in place for the unique [...]

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