How to Price Your Book

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A lot goes into pricing your book competitively. You’ll have to consider a number of factors: print cost, market competition, and how much of a cut bookstores will take. We walk you through everything you need to consider when it comes to pricing your book. Print Cost First things first: you’ll need to figure out how much it will cost to print your book. Of course, the more books you buy, the better your print price will be. You’ll need to play around with a few quotes to see what price and quantity of books you’re comfortable with buying. Although your price per book will [...]

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Publishing vs. Printing—Is There a Difference?

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One of the biggest challenges for most authors and creators involves understanding the difference between having a book that is ready for publishing vs. one that is ready for printing with a book printer. Book printers will not accept any word processed files for any printing runs because the fonts, text and images within the file must be static or “fixed.” Word is not a stable graphics program and things can shift in the flow of copy, even from computer to computer using the same version. Therefore, any files that are submitted for a book printer to use must be in a print-ready, static [...]

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How to Identify a Book Printer that Specializes in Crowdfunding?

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You may not realize it, but crowdfunded books have unique needs. Often, they are color books with lower page counts and non-standard trim-sizes. Additionally, unlike a print run of traditionally published books, the creators of these books may not need thousands of copies or have interest in selling the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Many printers can’t—or simply won't—print these types of specialty books, especially in low volume. For example, if you need 100 books to sent out to backers and you have no plans of publishing your book (i.e. selling your book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble) you’ll have to find [...]

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