Happy Days Ahead

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As an author, every new year brings a renewed sense of energy and excitement to your upcoming projects. We know how much work goes into writing and preparing your book for publishing, so we’ve come up with a few quick and easy tips to help you fully succeed in 2018. Be honest about your roadblocks Roadblocks happen to everyone, but it’s not always clear what’s stalling your project at the moment. You might think it’s because that one editor hasn’t gotten back to you about your second draft, or you haven’t quite worked out how to resolve a character’s story arc in your book. But [...]

5 Things All Self-Published Authors Are Afraid to Admit

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Ditching your day job is a dream most self-publishing authors have. It’s true some self-published authors have had major success with breakout hits sweeping readers across the nation. However, it is an uphill battle for most indie authors looking to break out on their own. If you’re looking to really get ahead in the publishing industry, read these 5 things all self-published authors are afraid to admit. Your story may need more work Everybody wants to think their writing is perfect. It can be a difficult pill to swallow for authors with especially heavy egos, but finding an honest editor who is talented and cares [...]

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How Publishing Your Book is Just Like Baking a Cake

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Publishing your own book is a lot like baking—there are many ingredients you need to get just right for your book (or bake) to turn out perfectly. Measure Your Ingredients (Create a timeline of book printing goals) Much like when you’re getting ready to bake a cake, there is a lot to prepare when it comes to getting your book ready for print. You’ve got to plan time for rounds of editing, cover design, interior layout formatting, choosing paper weights, colors, and cover specs, among other things. Each of these ‘ingredients’ will take a certain amount of focus and time to complete, so [...]

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5 Traits That Make You A Successful Self-Published Author

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Do you have what it takes to be a successful self-published author? Here are 5 traits they’ve all got—see if you match up. Perseverance Writing a book is no easy feat. You must push through seemingly endless rounds of edits, choose a perfectly designed cover, develop a marketing and promotional plan, and much more—all on your own. Your willingness to tackle all the moving parts that go into writing and launching a book as a self-published author means you’re already on the path to success, because not many people can do what you’re doing. It takes a lot of focus and dedication, but moving forward [...]

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Top 5 Challenges of Small Publishers

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Do you publish, manage, and/or distribute ten to fifty books a year? Shepherding authors through the publishing process can be a time consuming, difficult yet rewarding experience. It’s exciting to help an author publish his or her lifelong dream, but you must be highly organized and ask the right questions, at the right time, in the right order, to successfully move them through the publishing process. I’ve assisted hundreds of authors (young and old, renowned and first-timers) over the years with their publications, and have witnessed first-hand many of the struggles and roadblocks that can plague and impede every book’s publishing process. In no particular [...]

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Selling Your Book on Amazon Isn’t Enough

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When it comes time to sell your book, there are two primary paths to consider. You can sell your book through a third-party retailer like Amazon, and/or directly to the reader and customer on your own.Here are some of the major considerations with both options:Selling your book on AmazonWhen you sell your book on Amazon, Amazon receives a “trade discount” for each book sale. A "trade discount" is the percentage of a book’s retail price that Amazon earns from the sale of an author's book.The standard trade discount for Amazon is 55%. You can set it lower than 55%, but there are some theories that [...]

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7 Steps to Planning A Successful Book Marketing Campaign

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Don’t know where to start when it comes time to promote your book? Here are 7 steps to successfully planning a book marketing campaign. Sign up for social media accounts Social media is a great place to market your book and find readers to connect with. In addition to your personal accounts (assuming you have them), you’ll want to start professional pages specifically for your book. This will not only make it easier to build a fanbase of people who are interested in your writing, but on Facebook you need a professional page to run advertising campaigns.Don’t feel like you have to be everywhere, either. [...]

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5 Steps to Book Distribution Infographic

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Book distribution (i.e. how books are sold to your customers) can be a difficult and confusing topic because of all of the various parts and options that are involved. To help clarify some of the confusion, we've created a high-level infographic for review. In this infographic we’ve broken out each step to help you see the workflow. Please note that in addition to book printing services, Tasora Books also provides distribution options. If you have additional questions or want to distribute your book, please contact us.

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How to Price Your Book

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A lot goes into pricing your book competitively. You’ll have to consider a number of factors: print cost, market competition, and how much of a cut bookstores will take. We walk you through everything you need to consider when it comes to pricing your book. Print Cost First things first: you’ll need to figure out how much it will cost to print your book. Of course, the more books you buy, the better your print price will be. You’ll need to play around with a few quotes to see what price and quantity of books you’re comfortable with buying. Although your price per book will [...]

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Advice From Successful Indiegogo Author Paul Cavanagh

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Paul Cavanagh is a Canadian novelist based in London, Ontario. His debut novel, After Helen, won the Lit Idol competition at the London Book Fair in the UK, and was published to rave reviews in the United States, Canada, and the British Isles. When it came time to release his second novel, Missing Steps, he ran a successful crowdfunding campaign that helped him cover his costs and engage his readers. You can visit him online at 1. Why did you choose Indiegogo as your crowdfunding platform for the book? I wanted a platform that was easy for me and my potential contributors to use [...]

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