I need to ship 10,000 Books!

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It's every Kickstarter author's dream: Run a successful crowdfunding campaign and finally publish their dream book. But each successful campaign comes down to well-executed planning and lots of research. One of the biggest hurdles for crowdfunded authors is figuring out "how much does it cost to ship a book"? But the next natural question is how do I ship out "thousands of books" to individual backers? The simple fact is this: Most traditional book printers are accustomed to sending out large shipments of books to stores like Barnes and Noble or Target. Many of them don't have a system in place for the unique [...]

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Shipping books is hard.

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But we make it easy. Tasora Books’ warehouse knows how to move thousands of books a day. Our fulfillment team can do it all—from shipping out large orders to packing up individual books and sending them on their merry way. Our system even lets you track each individual order, so you know exactly where your books are and when they’re scheduled for delivery. Each order is expertly packaged and handled with care by our incredible team.A carton (box) of books is heavy. They usually weigh around 30-40 pounds (13-18 Kilograms). If the box falls off a truck or lift, a delivery person accidentally drops it, [...]

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