Happy Days Ahead

//Happy Days Ahead

Happy Days Ahead

As an author, every new year brings a renewed sense of energy and excitement to your upcoming projects. We know how much work goes into writing and preparing your book for publishing, so we’ve come up with a few quick and easy tips to help you fully succeed in 2018.

  1. Be honest about your roadblocks

    Roadblocks happen to everyone, but it’s not always clear what’s stalling your project at the moment. You might think it’s because that one editor hasn’t gotten back to you about your second draft, or you haven’t quite worked out how to resolve a character’s story arc in your book. But it could be something altogether separate from the book itself—like not having a proper space to concentrate, or your social calendar is distracting you from writing nights.

    We all get busy and distracted from time to time. That’s why it’s important to sit down with yourself and really ask explore and examine what might truly be blocking you.

    Make a list of all current or potential roadblocks and build a plan of action to conquer them. If it’s the flighty editor you’ve hired, make a note to reach out twice a week until you hear something back, or make a decision to finally cut her loose. If it’s your character’s story arc that’s holding you back from finishing your manuscript, set goals for yourself to test out one new story idea per night until you find one that clicks.

  2. Believe in yourself

    “Believe in yourself” is definitely a piece of clichéd advice, but you can’t deny its importance in helping you realize your goals. Tens of thousands of authors have written and published books on their own, and that means you can, too.

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

    There are a lot of steps that go into printing and publishing your book. The internet is a great resource for answering basic questions about how to print your book, but there’s nothing like getting a real person on the phone (yes, a real, live person on the actual phone!) to walk you through the process in more detail, and answer questions as they come to you. Set up a chat with us, and we’ll answer all your questions about printing, publishing, distribution, and more—as well as give you up-to-date quotes on your project.

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