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We’ve been in the distribution industry for more than 20 years and have built strong relationships with major retailers and wholesalers like Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and more. Whether you’re an author or publisher, seeing your book online or in a bookstore is priceless. When you choose to distribute your book with us, you’ll have access to:
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Tasora Books is able to offer affordable and competitive pricing because we print, warehouse, distribute, and ship books all in one place. For more information, check out our FAQ page, or explore our distribution options below. We also work directly with publishers.

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TAKK: Explorations of Nordic Café Culture

TAKK: Explorations of Nordic Café Culture is a beautiful book of writing and travel photography focusing on Scandinavian coffee shop culture. The TAKK creators Samantha Albert and Corey Kingston used Bookmobile for both printing and fulfillment. The book is striking. In addition to beautifully designed interior pages with great photos, it has a cover printed on ivory uncoated stock, blind embossed with matte lamination.


The Monolyth

The Monolyth: Palace of the Black Star is a graphic novel project by Jon Martin, who is both author and illustrator. Jon funded the project through Kickstarter and used Bookmobile to print the book. Like Samantha and Corey, Jon used our capabilities to the utmost, including color interior and a cover printed in color with both French flaps and foil stamping, and matte lamination.

The Monolyth

Avada Cafe

AnimEigo specializes in releasing subtitled Japanese anime and live-action films in the United States. Established in 1989, they’ve recently been using Kickstarter as a platform to bring even more films to the anime community. Their latest project was the Otaku No Video Otaking Edition Subtitled Anime. The folks at AnimEigo are pros at Kickstarter campaigns. Otaku No Video Otaking Edition had 1,509 backers who pledged $102,869. Robert Woodhead manages their Kickstarters, which are are a communal process—AnimeEigo calls it CrowdProduction.

Otaku No Video Otaking Edition

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